04 May 2011


Generally I am an optimistic and confident person, but one thing that has really got me down lately is when I am faced with bureaucracy and filling in forms. Because EVERYTHING that I consider to be of value and worth in my life - EVERYTHING I consider to be an achievement and a success - NONE OF IT seems to have any value at all in the eyes of bureaucracy and filling in forms. There is literally no place for any of it on the forms or in the phone conversations etc. It really makes me despair.

Of course my principle Achilles heel in all this is the concept of money. It seems to me to be one of the least interesting things in the world. My mind literally goes blank whenever I attempt to think about it. There are so many many more interesting things to focus on in life. How does anybody find the motivation to sacrifice so much of their life pursuing anything as dull as money? It is a genuine mystery to me.